Our training is based on traditional Kyokushin methods, We cover Kihon (Basics), Kumite (Clicker/Knockdown) and Kata You can experience training with us at the following times: Tuesday - Phoenix Centre  6-7pm Juniors - 7-9pm Adults - Instructor Shihan Alan Thursday - Wallington Guide Hut - 6-7pm Juniors - 7-9pm Adults - Instructor Shihan Tom Sunday - Phoenix Centre - 10-11am Juniors 11-midday Adults - Instructor Senpai Victor Contact Name Number email Shihan Alan 07711106484 alan.cleary@suttonkyokushin.co.uk Shihan Tom 07732861360 tom.smith@suttonkyokushin.co.uk Sensei Graham 07720364135 senseigraham@suttonkyokushin.co.uk Senpai Victor 07550013626 vlowfoon@gmail.com Contact